Dreams Are For Sleeping

Hi. Im a 13yr old girl that has problems. Dont judge me. Ive had too much of that. Dont pity me, I dont want that. I just want acceptance. Ask me what you want. Im open. I had to vent my problems, but im scared how my friends and boyfriend will react when the find out that Im a cutter and that i hate everything about me.
Ask me anything

lets add to my “worst day of my life”

I found out he was cheating on me… and they are still dating even though she told me herself that he was cheating… /.\ i hate everyone and everything

Today was the worst day of my life..

*During Lunch At School*

Friend 1: So how are you and (bf’s name)?

Me: We are good

Friend 2: you know hes not moving back

me: i think i know whats happening, im his girlfriend..

friend 2: wait.. you can get a boyfriend?

*I died inside at this moment*

- I pulled out my phone to text my mom to come get me ( i already wasnt feeling good)

*looks at phone*

"New text message from: My Boyfriend!:)"

*opens message* (please note that I havent talked to him in 4 days and this is a long distance relationship)

"I gotta breakup wit u. Dont ask."

- Okay, right then.. I died.. I’m in love with him.. and he always said he loved me.. i believed him..-

My heart is shattered and im crying my eyes out as im typing this… 


Reblog if you’d care if I committed suicide

Earlier Today...

*As I was cutting*
-text alert-
Hey what are you doing?
Uhm.. nothing.
You OK?
Uhm.. yeah. im fine.
Are you sure? You don't seem like yourself.
Yeah, Im fine, Im promise, its nothing.
If Its nothing, you wouldnt hesitate to tell me.
Im fine, really.
You can tell me anything, just know that you can trust me.
Uhm... i know.. im fine, nothings wrong.
Okay, well you can trust me if you need me.
This was terrifying. Because I wanted to tell him, but not even my best friend knows...and i got scared... /.\
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